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Welcome to the exhilarating world of XR Game Development, where imagination meets innovation. Explore my portfolio to witness a fusion of cutting-edge technology, and seamless interactivity.

Augmented Reality

A real-time integration of digital information with the user's environment.

Virtual Reality

A computer-generated environment with scenes and objects that to be real.

About ME

I'm Jameel Qureshi


I am an experienced XR developer known for my expertise in AR and VR technologies, with a rich background spanning over 7+ years in the industry. Holding key positions such as Lead AR/VR Developer at CM&D and Euphoria XR, I have spearheaded innovative projects that highlight my deep understanding of AR/VR, Unity3D development, and various AR SDKs.

Specializing in Augmented Reality development, I bring a unique perspective to crafting interactive applications that seamlessly blend digital content with the real world. My entrepreneurial spirit reflects my passion for democratizing game development, and my technical prowess extends to Euphoria Xr’s empowering domains of Augmented Reality and Mobile game development. Projects like DexiHunter, Pepsi VR Cricket, and InterApp showcase my commitment to innovation and excellence in XR gaming.

With a proven track record in spearheading innovative, AR-based projects like InterApp and Trail Explorer, I am committed to shaping the future of gaming. My extensive experience includes leading projects for top-tier clients such as Hasbro, Ducati, Pepsi, Qatar Airways, CES, NFL, and Indy 500. At Euphoria XR, I contribute as a valuable product developer, utilizing my technical proficiency, leadership skills, and fervor for immersive experiences to advance our mission of delivering cutting-edge gaming experiences.

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Jameel Qureshi

XR Developer

Our Projects

We Build Amazing Projects

Explore a universe of innovative projects where reality meets imagination. Each project is a testament to my commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in XR gaming.

Pepsi VR Cricket

Bridging realities for Cricket fans


Augmented Reality based mobile gaming application

Trail Explorer

Web application showing the current distribution of aggregated trails.


AR shopping app connecting brands


Interactive gamified experience

Our Experiences

My Skills & Experiences

I bring a diverse skill set to the table, including proficiency in:

Unity Product Development and Prototyping
Augmented Reality Application Development
Virtual Reality Design and Development
API Integration, Server implementation and Networking

What I Do

I Will Always Amaze You With My Services

I specialize in conceptualizing and developing XR games, focusing on Augmented Reality (AR) development to create interactive experiences that seamlessly blend digital content with the real world. Additionally, I excel in crafting Virtual Reality (VR) experiences, constructing immersive worlds and narratives that transport users to new and captivating realms.


Satisfied Clients


Complet Projects


Our Clients Say About Me

I can't praise Jameel Qureshi enough. They brought our vision to life with innovative solutions. Customization, attention to detail, and seamless collaboration made it easy. Their work significantly contributed to our success, and we're excited for more innovative projects together.

    Sara Iranpour

    Person Care

    Jameel has delivered an unparalleled AR gaming experience with DexiHunter, bringing a unique bridge between the digital and physical realms. His innovative approach and execution exceeded our expectations, making DexiHunter a powerful solution with vast potential for real-time connections.

      Don Reyke

      Dexio Protocol

      Jameel brought Pepsi VR Cricket to life, transforming the cricket experience into a ground breaking virtual reality (VR) game. With expertise in AR/ VR technologies, he skill-fully integrated Unity to create an immersive and unforgettable cricket fan experience encounter.

        Nolan Ryan

        Pepsi VR Cricket

        How to Reach Me

        Ready to embark on an XR adventure or have a project in mind? Feel free to connect with me

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